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Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 and Benefits in Future

This autumn, marketing departments all over the world are preparing for a fruitful 2022. The following are seven digital marketing trends you should incorporate into your approach to achieve this goal:

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Marketing initiatives in industries like retail, finance, and healthcare are already incorporating AI. Marketers are also looking into using AI to predict what customers will buy in the future based on past purchases and browsing history, even though it is most commonly used in marketing automation to automate basic tasks like reporting on website traffic and recommending keywords to optimize a company’s organic search results.

Aim to combine artificial intelligence (AI) with search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing tactics by 2022.

Influencer Marketing Powered by AI — While the influencer industry is expected to be worth $9.7 billion in 2020, it is expected to be $15 billion by 2022, with most marketers allocating more than 20% of their budget on influencer content.

With AI watching and analyzing millions of influencer videos faster and more efficiently than humans, influencer marketing will move into the next phase, which will see widespread adoption across the board, from influencer identification to performance marketing. Predictive artificial intelligence (AI) powers this strategy, so you only pay for conversions and sales influencers that occur.

Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular as AI becomes more widely used. The market value of voice search shopping is expected to reach $40 billion in 2022, with 18 percent of consumer expenditure coming through voice assistants.

It’s likely that your company currently makes use of a virtual assistant to help with customer support tasks like answering questions on social media, sending emails, and more. Using virtual assistants or “chatbots” has numerous advantages, such as:

Consumer questions can be answered by chatbots without the involvement of the enterprise.

The chatbot’s AI imbues it with personality, making the customer service experience more engaging.

With chatbots, customers have more engaging encounters because they receive a more customized and enjoyable experience.

After COVID-19, hybrid events have been the cornerstone for keeping customers and leads engaged. Marketers have a decision to make now that people are more comfortable physically gathering. Is it time to go back to events that only occur in a certain physical location? For those consumers who prefer the convenience of watching live events from the comfort of their homes, should we go virtual?

The answer appears to be a hybrid strategy. Think about how you’ll use AR and VR in 2022 while arranging events, so that individuals who can’t attend in person may still have an immersive experience through the use of digital technologies like AR and VR.

Do you want to stand out in your industry? Use content marketing. After that, you’ll want to coordinate your public relations efforts, leadership style, and SEO strategy. Your company’s exposure, reputation, and authority will all increase when these three areas are balanced. What are the benefits of employing such a strategy?

The B2B content on your website should be the first thing we look at. Add the PR element to gain credibility, where others quote or discuss your high-quality content, once you have established yourself as an authority in various areas. As the last step, ensure that your generated content is linked to under specific topics that you may claim as your own

Marketers should focus on mobile devices first. People these days spend a lot of time on the internet. Adults’ “continuous” internet use has risen by 5% in the last several years, according to Pew Research. What’s the significance of this? For one thing, as internet usage has increased, so has the manner people buy and shop — and this includes how they access the internet.

Businesses must generate mobile-friendly content to rank better in search engines as more consumers use smartphones and tablets instead of desktops to browse products and services on the web. Optimizing the design of your website so that it automatically adjusts for smaller screens is one simple option. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets benefit from faster loading content thanks to accelerated mobile pages (AMP).

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Possibilities to grow the company’s revenue during the client relationship

Around the beginning of every year, there is a lot of excitement about new digital marketing trends and marketing innovations. The year 2022 will be no different, and this is especially true because the epidemic has reduced marketing expenditures, causing them to hunt for more cost-effective methods. the marketing budget has dropped to 6.4 percent of firm revenue from 11 percent in 2020, according to the Gartner State of Marketing Budget Report for 2021.

As you can see, the reductions are constant across sectors, and firms of all sizes should expect them. The epidemic appears to have had less of an impact on consumer brands, financial services industries, and healthcare than we expected.

The amount spent on digital media has increased, while the amount spent on agencies has decreased.

According to Gartner data, CMOs’ spending commitments have changed between channels and programs, with digital channels dominating those objectives and accounting for 72.2% of the total marketing budget, which we focus on in this article. It’s amazing to see how much money is spent on paid, owned, and earned digital channels. This shows how important websites, email, paid and organic search, and social media are still being.

Due to tight budgets, there is a considerable shift in marketing to in-house staffing. Just in the last 12 months, 29% of work that was previously done by agencies has been shifted in-house. Brand strategy, innovation and technology, and the development of marketing strategy are the top three competencies areas that CMOs are shifting to internal teams, according to Gartner. The focus of in-housing is also evolving.

Possibilities across the customer’s life cycle

If you know where to search and what questions to ask, the top marketers are continually looking for new digital marketing trends based on the growth of technology and platforms to uncover new opportunities that they can tap into.

At the end of each year, I analyze the landscape of digital marketing trends to assist make suggestions on the digital marketing trends that marketers should pay attention to in the future. […] I want to keep things down to earth by demonstrating real-world strategies that companies can put to use.

Our RACE customer lifecycle framework, which outlines 25 realistic digital marketing tasks relevant to all firms, will be reviewed in this 2022 edition marketing trends review. As a result, you’ll have access to new marketing concepts that you may put to good use in your company.

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Direct Marketing Through Dialogue

Now that chatbots have become such a hot topic, it’s easy to see that current marketing is more conversational than ever before. Brands are responding to consumer demand by making it easier for them to get what they want. Eighty-two percent of customers want an “immediate” response when they ask a query.

In conversational marketing, clients and marketers have a direct, personal relationship right away.

Because it can now be used across many channels, this type of marketing allows firms to reach customers on their terms: using the devices, platforms, and schedules that are most convenient for them.

“Today’s shoppers expect to get what they’re looking for now, not later,” says David Cancel, founder, and CEO of Drift.

[And] in the manner in which people prefer to communicate.

As a result of a feedback-driven methodology, conversational marketing seeks to improve the user experience while also increasing loyalty and sales.

According to Drift’s research, 41.3% of customers make purchases using conversational marketing technologies.

Using conversational marketing techniques can comprise a variety of approaches, including the following:


  • Customized video recordings
  • Emails that are tailored to each recipient
  • Virtual assistants in the Sales Department


Chatbots are one-way conversational marketing is being implemented. Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate with website users in real-time in a human-like manner:

According to data gathered through research:

24-hour service (64%), rapid responses to inquiries (55%), and answers to simple questions are the top benefits of chatbots for businesses (55 percent ).

According to Uberall’s research, 80% of customers are satisfied with their chatbot interactions.

Chatbot eCommerce transactions are expected to reach $112 billion by 2023, according to Juniper Research.

Global consumer retail spending on chatbots is expected to rise from $2.8 billion in 2019 to $142 billion by 2024 according to Insider Intelligence.

Because chatbots are available around the clock, respond quickly, and accurately recall consumers’ complete purchase histories, many customers prefer dealing with them. When you use a virtual assistant, you can focus on providing better service to your clients because they automate tedious chores and satisfy their expectations.

Chatbots will become increasingly important for a great customer experience as more customers get used to them.


Using Video to Promote Your Business

As a result, video is anticipated to be an essential marketing trend for the next five to ten years. According to the results of a Biteable poll:

a video marketing tool is used by 60% of companies

A whopping 61% of marketers believe video is “very vital” or “very significant” in their marketing plans.

Seventy-four percent of respondents feel the video has a higher return on investment than static photography.

Video, according to 52% of respondents, aids businesses in establishing trust with potential clients.

Don’t only think of YouTube when it comes to video marketing. There are numerous methods for increasing video marketing engagement. You can, for example, upload a video to Facebook, Instagram, or start a live broadcast on LinkedIn.

If you want to reuse and republish your existing material, video is a great option. Creating a movie from a piece of material like a blog article is one way to do this.

With this Amazon advertising 101 essay, which Eric adapted into a video, we’ve used this strategy, for example

Alternatively, you can record a video, upload it to your website and YouTube channel, and then do the following:

Transcribing and publishing an article is as simple as doing it (with an embedded YouTube video for better rankings)

Transcribing the video and uploading it to Facebook as subtitles (native Facebook videos get a much higher impression share and engagement than shared YouTube videos)

Take only the audio and turn it into a podcast episode.

Use video thumbnails and the word “video” in subject lines in your email marketing campaigns to boost open rates by 19%.

Featured Snippets and No-Click Searches

Asking a question usually involves typing your query into Google and pressing enter. Then you can choose from the results the article that best answers your query or provides the information you require.

However, on occasion, the solution is provided to you in the form of a paragraph at the very top of the search results page itself. Position Zero boxes in search engine results frequently have an image and all the information you were seeking shown in a box that is easy to discern. You already know the answer, so there’s no need to go looking for it elsewhere. A no-click search is what you’re seeing here. These are provided by Google and other search engines to assist users in swiftly finding information and to keep them on their page (and off of yours).

Digital Marketing Trends: Snippets Of Text Featured

Reduced traffic can be discouraging for business owners who wish to attract clients to their website, but Google has already provided the solution. However, it should be noted that these tidbits are not necessarily ominous. It’s a good sign that your website is producing quality material if search engines use it to display results to users. Make sure you include something in these snippets that will pique the reader’s interest and encourage them to visit your website for further information rather than returning to the search engine that gave them a quick answer.

There is a slew of options open to you. Consider ways to make your page titles more descriptive of what visitors can expect when they arrive at your site. Make your “how-to” list longer while remaining correct, so that the information in the snippet is cut off and searchers have to click through to see the whole list, please. As a bonus, schema lets you publish information about your website’s reliability and authority, such as user-generated content (UGC) ratings and reviews.

The reader and the search engine business may benefit from no-click searches, but you may also make use of them. When you’re the subject of a no-click search, you’ve already made some progress – your message has been heard. Once you’ve got them interested, the following step is to get them to visit your site.